All of us have weaknesses
Whether they are actually real or not
The things we think about ourselves
During dark days of idle thought

A monster that we sometimes feed
When we start to compare
Ourselves to what we think should be
Or to the other undead standing there

Today that creature came to life
Crawled through my gut onto the screen
With echoed words he quite disturbed
His demons sent to spew on me

So I sit and feel the nausea while
Tentacles of failure squeeze my skin
Until it occurs, we sometimes use words
To push poltergeists away and into “them”

I am not afraid to exorcise my self
In full view for everyone to see
Because I am aware we all go there
This horror house is occupied by “we”

And the truth is it’s only scary
When we feel alone and in the dark
We could turn on the lights, to spite the night
Revealing all our humble human scars

No more monsters, no more demons
No more spewing on each other
Let us simply discuss this human muss
No ghastly ghosts here, but one another

— April Resnick


Haunted, by Anthony Schectman

~ by April on September 1, 2013.

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  1. Superb

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