I sign my name
In the physician’s book
Knowing that I must show up
For this routine debridement
Over and over and over
Present myself vulnerable
In my naked pain
To prevent these lesions
From infection poisoning
My entire being once again
Old bandages dried
Must be pulled off painful
Festered flesh assessed
Bathed with care and saline
Look, some new tissue
Growing forming slowly
Covered now and clean
Throbbing to remind me
We will have more work to do
But for this moment I am done
Time to climb off the table
Dress myself as I was
Another year of life begun
But I will carry with me an itch
And pulse of wounds mended
Another day to be tended

— April Resnick


The Agnew Clinic, by Thomas Eakins

~ by April on September 14, 2013.

6 Responses to “Appointment”

  1. Poor you

  2. It’s funny…I too am unsure of having a faith. I would call myself agnostic, for the moment anyway. But, I use the day of Yom Kippur to ponder forgiveness of myself and of others. More of a human to human forgiveness than a divine one. That is how I observe anyway.

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