Dear Seamus

Dear Seamus,
Searching for some steel truth
I come looking for your mythical creature
Horned and heavy
I am forging-ready
I pass by those rusted tools swaying
Grandfather pendulums wound
By the wind or movement of ghosts
Another spirit here just before
That door into darkness left ajar
No sparks now but swirling dust
Tiny tornadoes of neglect, a craft rejected
Only the footprint of your altar remains
A darker stain where it once stood
And warped wood from weighty work
But circling that anvil’s outline
And leading out the back
Coyote prints, and what is that
A torn off ACME tag

— April Resnick

harold_ross_anvilAnvil, by Harold Ross

Inspired by a friend reading “The Forge” by Seamus Heaney.  Thanks Alan.

~ by April on September 20, 2013.

One Response to “Dear Seamus”

  1. Beautiful poem, April. Seamus would be pleased.

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