I am letting go of leaves
Or are they letting go of me
I watch their downward drifting
Rocking back and forth by breeze
Cradled quiet on their journey
A silent lullaby
I hang with each one in the air
Once supple green now brown and dry
I choose to watch their falling
My nature aches to be reminded
How very short a season lasts
Born sycamore instead of pine
I was made to shed this skin
Grey rolls of cardboard slipping slight
Leaning with the wind I have a look
At pieces scattered left and right
I shake the weight of my bare branches
Absorb the fading warmth and light
I was not formed to endure changes
While remaining straight and green
From root to tip, where blackbirds grip
The travel of the earth, I feel it

— April Resnick


Study of a sycamore branch by Drusilla Montemayor

~ by April on October 23, 2013.

4 Responses to “Fall”

  1. Leaves like mulch
    Soggy breakfast for
    Stuck to my shoe

    Oh yes


  2. Stunning. Thank you so much. I especially like, ” Grey rolls of cardboard slipping slight Leaning with the wind .”

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