Perfect Rumor

I heard a father on his iPhone,
The rumor subject quite unknown,
“She does not have her shit together,”
He very boldly stated.
But who really has it all wrapped up,
And what constitutes the bulk of stuff,
That we present and use to judge each other,
Our ego much inflated?
It comes and goes I truly think,
Moments when life speaks so succinct,
Then suddenly upheaval and it cycles ’round forever,
Belief in permanence abated.
Put down your phone, arrogant tone,
Turn that clever lens back towards your own,
Allowing imperfection for ourselves and one another,
Superiority perhaps deflated?
I do not have it figured out,
Nor do you my suspicion mounts,
Humanity is all we have, let’s muddle through together,
Human community created.

— April Resnick













Imperfection by Ana Gely A. Photography

~ by April on October 30, 2013.

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  1. I’m with you

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