Dear Moms and Miley

You are an adult
And are therefore empowered rightfully
As you see fit, even aggressively, to explore your own sexuality

It is my job, and mine alone
To educate my daughter towards her own
Power and control, the right to say yes as equally as no

Perhaps you should feel some retreat
From someone else teaching children about sexuality
But not from the pop-star on TV, from the quiet predator down the street

Our priorities are so fucked up
When we fear our own sex oh so much
That we scream louder at other women, than we do at this misogynist system

But how we all stay so shut up
About sexual crimes committed, even against us
Where are we putting our power, in someone else’s thrust, would you prefer I hush?

I will not be afraid of sex and talking honestly
Just because a pedophile once had control of me
I will own the skin I live in and explore it brave and free

My voice, my body, my sex, my right, my pleasure
If I can instill one thing in my daughter may it be to treasure
All of those things in herself equally, because she too was born an autonomous SHE

— April Resnick


La Belle Dame sans Merci by Frank Cadogan Cowper

~ by April on November 3, 2013.

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