My walls are stripped bare
Nothing now but the occasional nail
Where my personality was once hanging there
My choices, my passions, my preferences shared

Now I stand here exposed
Should I bear this weight without any of those
Is that what you want, a pale neutral coat
To calm your anxiety, is complete boredom enough

With my (he)artwork gone look closer and see
The scrapes, marks, imperfections still all over me
Perhaps you could paint what you want me to be
Would that ease your nerves, no trace of me being free

Just be careful while fixing me and making me yours
Those nails and hooks bite, they crave any color
You must be quite careful while trying to cure
My abstract desires dripping down to the floor

The loved ones you think you are saving
By wanting me drab, rearranging
Were quite happy when I was not plain
We inspired each other while out of the rain

Maybe it’s best if you move in with us
Keep this rooftop in place with your own sturdy truss
Making sure I display obligation and dust
This home could be yours without any fuss

Then again perhaps not, stay away from these walls
I’m re-hanging my magic, it belongs down these halls
You should not be here unless you quite have the balls
To embrace me, heavy color, honest art, lace, and all

— April Resnick

DrippingMixedMediumSmile, Mixed Medium on Canvas, by Ben Slow and George Morton Clark

~ by April on November 10, 2013.

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