It is real
Anxieties gather in my gut
I feel them churning
I hear their chatter
Making plans out of my fears
They worm their way in all directions
They burrow in my brain
Whisper failure in my ears
They drip warmly from my nose and eyes
Then prickle, bead, and bubble from my pits
Some of them bolt and make a beeline
Straight up my esophagus
With an unexpected urgency
The rest of them hunker down and turn
With parasitic precision
They compel me
To run towards relief
But I stay seated and feel the battle
Rage inside my body and mind
Soon with surprise I find
Reinforcements shoring up my spine
My wormy nerves are calmed
And I am brave again
Until next time

— April Resnick

raw nerve 2

Raw Nerve 2, by Julie Lawless

So apparently “new stuff” happens, just like fear, to spite my best laid plans.

Let’s hope that bravery lingers along with my fear.

~ by April on December 1, 2013.

3 Responses to “Fear”

  1. bon voyage through endless best-laid plans

  2. Reblogged this on sometimesihatemycat and commented:

    Because I am flying to Italy today, and I can do nothing but feel the fear that rises and descends, and get on the airplane anyway.

  3. ‘But I stay seated …’ the most important words … until the next breath

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