Good Enough

I do not dress my daughter
In designer name brand clothes
But fairy, Viking, Medusa, cat
I’ve let her dress as all of those

I do not get up early
To fix her breakfast full and warm
But we do clink our milk and coffee
Toasting each day we’re safe from harm

I do not maintain patience
Like Mary Poppins or Maria
But I make time to meditate
I make an effort and she sees it

I do not schedule play dates
As often as I probably should
But she attends my readings, classes, jams
With musicians, writers, artists misunderstood

I do not feed her perfectly
Organic, whole, or sugar-free
But we squish bellies when she’s self-conscious
Loving her skin, she’ll learn from me

I fail more often than I’d like
I am imperfect and I yell
But I model passion and forgiveness
Admit it when I’m wrong, as well

She writes, and reads, and wrestles
So what if she can’t ride a bike
She sees me craft a unique self
If she models that, I’ve done it right

— April Resnick


Mother and Daughter with Birds Leaving by Holly Roberts

~ by April on December 11, 2013.

6 Responses to “Good Enough”

  1. Awww…. tears!

    sent from my Nexus

  2. beautiful poem!

  3. what fresh honesty:

    I’ll try not to express envy
    even though I feel it in my pasts
    but I have rejoiced in your lives
    with the breath of each stanza

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