And again
I am longing, listening, straining to hear your train
Whistle when it once traveled across the tracks
Between buildings and lingered in my bare branches with winter air
Shave and a haircut, waiting for bits, haunting me with
A secret message to a lonely lover or a parentless child
Except that you came to me, fell on my ears, made ME smile
I can’t remember what deal we made
Was I supposed to recognize
Did I forget to answer back
Where are you now that I am settled and ready
For the giddy joy you brought before
Is now replaced with expectation, nothing more
And silence


Night Train 2








A poem from one year ago, reworked for today, because there are still nights when I find myself waiting to hear that whistle.

~ by April on December 22, 2013.

4 Responses to “11:06pm”

  1. … do you know Paul Simon’s ‘Train in the Distance’: ‘everybody thinks it’s true …’

  2. Listening to it now, for the first time. ‘Negotiations and love songs are often mistaken for one and the same.’ Beautiful!

  3. Exquisite

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