Last night I felt my death
I glimpsed his heavy form and then
Equal approach began the mark
Until I turned my back on him

In misty sleep and visions
An ancient blade did rise and fall
The sting and heat escaping with
My spirit spattered on the walls

And though I left my body
I did not take leave just yet
A child was dancing unaware
I could not let myself forget

So while that shell lay dying
My laughter quickly took her hand
We took brave leap down tunnel steep
Together towards that waking land

— April Resnick


Apollo Dreaming by Safir Rifas


Inspired by my dreams last night. I rarely die in my dreams but last night I did, and today it has lingered…so I have let it linger, and inspire.

~ by April on December 26, 2013.

2 Responses to “Escape”

  1. Eloquent

  2. Thank you. Odd that you spoke of a blade yesterday, and I had dreamed of my death by one.

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