In another life
I let myself be chained
And was completed by you
In another life
I was childless and free
And translated philosophy
In another life
I starved myself thin
And was made happy by it
In another life
I was full and thick
And found myself in my folds
In another life
I flew across the globe
And found no anxiety enroute
In another life
My home was enough
To save my soul for good
In another life
I reveled in chaos
Owned completely by it
In another life
I moved freely in my skin
Unashamed outside and in
In another life
I was statuesque
And sturdiness was second nature
In another life
I played music loud and lusty
And in it found enlightenment
In another life
Silence and stillness came easily
And laid themselves on me like a blanket
In another life
I was tightly caged
And screamed the truth at wall flies
In another life
I spoke from podiums
And sliced words with precision
In another life
I was animal, petted and loved
And that was enough
In another life
I stalked and hunted
And stilled my hunger at night
In another life
I never looked towards that other life
And I found peace in stagnancy
But in this life
Here and there are intertwined
As if the other holds some answer
Perhaps it does

— April Resnick



Between Two Worlds by gyurka from deviantART


My own take on New Year’s resolutions and our love/hate relationship with expectations and reality.

~ by April on December 27, 2013.

4 Responses to “Perhaps”

  1. Other lives slide into view. We can touch them for a while.

  2. … all this before breakfast!

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