The Fool


I am not a fool

For having stories

Fill my head


I am a fool

For blind belief

In any of them



— A.R.


juggler michael parkesThe Juggler by Michael Parkes

~ by April on January 2, 2014.

3 Responses to “The Fool”

  1. No. We must believe in at least some of the stories.

    • I didn’t say no belief…I said “blind” belief. I don’t mind letting myself believe as long as I am aware that is a choice I am making, that the belief could very well be proven wrong (or right) at some point, and then choose to enjoy the belief anyway. It is the “blind” part that leads me to problems. It is a subtle nuance, I know, but one that I have noticed. Thank you for reading, and for commenting.

  2. I would also say, that for me, blind belief means potentially ignoring facts that may bear some crucial significance on the belief system. But, then again, perhaps I choose to believe to spite the facts to the contrary…I just want to be aware of THAT choice as well. 🙂

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