Time to Land

The solstice brought me to burrow
So I nestled in the shadows of a home
My eyelids drifted closed
I slowly slipped and fell into dreams
Suspended animation, stagnation
My mind ballooned beneath me
Carried me gently as I collapsed
Visions of hearth and holidays
Tilted past on all sides
Music played from far away
Table tops and troubles
Turned tipsy with too much time
But now I see it black and white
Below me peeled linoleum
A solid place to sit, to ground
The draft is dying
My toes touch down
I inhale one last bit of wonder
And all of me exhales
Wake up Alice!

— A.R.

Alice River Bank David Hall

Alice on the River Bank, an art still by David Hall

~ by April on January 7, 2014.

2 Responses to “Time to Land”

  1. Part of me says ‘stay dreaming Alice’. Marvelous stuff

    • The great thing about dreams, they return in time, every night at the very least. And anyway, Alice does venture back through the looking glass….I could go on forever with Wonderland puns and references. Instead I will say thank you.

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