Night Visions

What wondrous nature I notice
When my bladder calls at night

A full moon rising with me
Blue light cast down

A clock tower through the trees
Me without my glasses

A black bird atop a bare tree
Swaying in an ice storm

A carnivore crow weighted carrying
A smaller bird in its beak

Leafless sycamore black in winter
Mimicking depths of sea coral

Houses cool with outward shadows
Windows lit warm randomly

Smoke ascending from towers of brick
Fuel and wood and home fires

Me still inside pondering and empty
One day I will just be

My window is but a thin pane of glass
Between me and everything dark
Outside existing

— A.R.


Rooftops at Night by Stapleton Kearns

~ by April on January 11, 2014.

8 Responses to “Night Visions”

  1. ah, the beauty of the midnight tinkle

    • Giggling, yes. Banal and poetic at the same time. Humans are such messy and wonderful creatures, aren’t we?

    • I often wonder why the banal can’t be romantic…especially when we all relate to it.

      • probably because the banal is so banal that, by definition, we cannot relate to it because we are always looking for the supra-banal through which to define ourselves better than we really are … ‘banal’ is an excellent opportunity to ‘down-size’ to our true selves … ah, the beauty of the midnight tinkle

        • Agreed and still giggling…I love the joy of giggling, especially about a profound conversation that begins with a midnight tinkle. Banal is beautiful…because guess what…it’s all we have in the end.

        • yep, and banal is beautiful as well when we have the humility (and relief!) to accept that – despite all our Grand Plans and Vanities – that we are nothing more or less than our most banal banality … and that we’re good with that

        • Thank you for reading, for the chat, and for the giggles.

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