When I try to close my eyes tonight
My face starts its swiveling
Or is it my body winding up
Dark red and wavering
Pulses in the liquid air around me
A human shifting form
From what into what and when
I cannot will not do not know
I have been distracted
So she has patiently lain in wait
For metamorphosis or progress
But now she turns to leave
Bored of me

I have heard it said
That once you think about making a decision
The decision has already been made
There is only the catching up
Of story to reality

Somebody please tell her to wait
I have decided
I am finally catching up
To me

— A.R.


Distraction by Kaitlyn Mooney

~ by April on January 12, 2014.

2 Responses to “Distracted”

  1. You explore yourself so intelligently.

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