Magical Thinking

I thought of rooms on fire
And the smoke alarm detected
A strangeness hanging in the air
After I had smelled its ash for days
I finally heard sounds of something there

Then I thought of you
And the back door blew open
Cooling parts of me by breeze, exposed
Calming my wildness for a moment
I let it stay askew to spite the cost

Then I thought of glimpsing other worlds
And words with eyes glared at me from pages
Winked at me from gaps in speakers
As poetry and music intertwined
I was moved and moving all day long

And then I thought now I am strong
Letting myself follow whims and feel it all
The electric me let loose
A magnetic pulse to pause all machinations
And I am buzzing, still causing blazes

Magic may not be real
But I am, and loving it

— A.R.

Magical Thinking Photo Shoot Tim Walker

Magical Thinking, a photo shoot by Tim Walker

~ by April on January 16, 2014.

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