A dam has been breached
A boundary broken
Gears knocked loose
There is a flood of me
Pouring onto pages
I’ve no choice
But to ride with it
Swim in it
Let it carry me
Wherever we are going
If I fight it I will drown
Too soon
For death waits anyway
At the end of rapids
Jagged rocks or dried bed
Best to be swept by water
I will feel its flow around me
Now while I am in it
I will not regret
The rupture

— A.R.


Bible Dam by Jacek Yerka

~ by April on January 17, 2014.

2 Responses to “Damn”

  1. A gorgeous flood (from a gorgeous woman)

    • Thank you. Some days it feels gorgeous to write, some days not so much. But then, the things we write about express the spectrum from treacherous to exquisite, don’t they? I guess that’s because life encompasses all of it, the beauty and the heartbreak.

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