Vacation Lens (repost)

Vacation lens
Through which I see
Each carefully crafted stone
Laid by multitude of calloused hand
Or strewn by centuries of time
Once carried by shrugged sinew
Bowed and heavy backs
Built by thick layers
Of want and need and servitude
Changed briefly by virtue of my vision
Now quaint, romantic, inspired
I find myself wishing
This lens would find my home
Fogging and releasing
All those
Boundaries, borders, bloody minutes
Till only charm is left
Along with gratitude
To have been visited, distilled into
The ghost of me imagined
Noble enough
For history’s sake
And ideally captured

— A.R.

Photo taken by me in Rome

Reposted because a brief road trip refocused my lens. Wish I could keep the focus a little while longer.

~ by April on March 9, 2014.

4 Responses to “Vacation Lens (repost)”

  1. Wonderful

  2. Hi April, beautiful piece of writing.

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