Traveling Baggage (repost)

Oh that I were like my suitcase
Correctly crafted, quiet, still
Emptied for the next occasion, simply waiting to be filled

Oh that I were made for travel
Sturdy edges built for holding up
Designed by some creator, to buckle just enough

Oh that I were easily mobile
Wheels instead of feet to move
Whatever odd directions a traveling hand might choose

Oh but I am human
Stitched with stressed anticipation
Filled already to capacity, frayed with expectation

Oh but like my suitcase
I might allow for some small spaces
To carry home some lovely crap, from some new exotic places


the-red-suitcase-joana-kruseThe Red Suitcase by Joana Kruse

I will be traveling until the second week of April, so I may not publish new stuff, but perhaps I will repost some of my traveling/vacation poems. Enjoy!

~ by April on March 28, 2014.

4 Responses to “Traveling Baggage (repost)”

  1. Smiles. Such a clever poet

    • Thank you. Some days I do feel clever, and then there are many others when I feel quite dim. One never can tell. :-). Self assessment does seem to be a difficult thing to do with any degree of accuracy.

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