There are captains and pilots imperfect
There are creations and vessels unsound
There is not a God choosing this one or that
Or which horse to unhinge on what round

There is chaos and change all around us
There is a timepiece inside ticking fast
There are no honest methods to hold to it all
Only handfuls of now slipping past

There are spectacles sliding down noses
There are fittings quite fashioned too small
There are always malfunctions inside mechanisms
Our essential ambitions can barely forestall


 Steampunk Carousel Sideshow by Taneshi on


~ by April on April 22, 2014.

4 Responses to “Machinations”

  1. Smiles. Delightfully done. Whimsical and profound

    • Wonderful! I am so glad it came across that way. Those were indeed the feelings I was working with while writing. Thank you.

  2. This rhythmical observational jaunt made enjoyable reading – nice work.

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