Proof of Life

Last night I sliced
Open my chest
Leaned over my desk
And let my heart flop out
Onto the page
It thumped and bled for a bit
Until the paper stained through
And I was long enough empty
I scooped it up and shoved
The thing back inside quivering
I shut that sodden chapter
And wiped my hands on my jeans
So there we sat
Disfigured and dripping
I ached, but was alive
I stood up, and walked away
I should, go back today
And save those pages soon
Before they dry and congeal
Stick together and conceal
That sanguine proof
I once let loose


Island-Michael Sanderson
Island by Michael Sanderson

~ by April on May 6, 2014.

2 Responses to “Proof of Life”

  1. … but how wonderful that it GOT onto the page!; let it conjeal!: poetry is supposed to be 3D

    • Yes, I was reminded recently how much I love poetry that bleeds…even more than poetry that blooms. A flopping heart on the page, what a wonderful event.

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