Digging In (repost)

And needing nothing
Today I will bury myself in my art
Bawdy books and meaty music
Six feet under layers of history
Ancient minerals mixed with new
Tunneling of night
Crawlers without a light of any kind
Only in search of warmth of flesh
My movement my breath my life
There will be no separating
Brain from body roots from tentacles
They are all welcome
Because they approach by sense
Alone without eyes
By tonight my body will gladly be
Buried alive

– A.R.


Buried by manuelestheim from deviantART

~ by April on June 11, 2014.

2 Responses to “Digging In (repost)”

  1. The poet’s total envelopment in this piece is evident in the outcome. Nice work.

    • Thank you so much. What a wonderful thing to say. I like to think that every once in awhile I am totally inside a piece that I am writing. I am so glad you are reading. (Sorry it took a few days to respond…I was out of town.)

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