Lost Luggage

Anything can be a crutch
Any habit that we need too much
All routines subject to change
Better to breathe and rearrange



~ by April on June 25, 2014.

8 Responses to “Lost Luggage”

  1. Ah, indeed

    • Lost luggage on my recent trip enlightened me about myself quite a bit. My ability to adjust without much anxiety quite surprised me…taught me a lot about “stuff” and “habit.”

      • Yes. We do adjust. But usually only when we must.

        • True, but it is rather nice to know that we can. Also a nice thing to know that we need less to be happy than the world tells us that we need.

        • Ah. I think that is an American thing. We Brits are suspicious of happy.

        • Perhaps I should clarify that by stuff…I mean material things. Also by happy….I am referring to satisfied with ourselves. I too tend to be on the lookout for the “happiness” police and quite think we Americans are too immersed in “positivity propaganda.” I am not referring to an idealized happy. Perhaps I meant more along the lines of specifically that I was able to enjoy valuable time with family and friends without all the crap I thought I needed in my luggage. 🙂

  2. Poetic perspicuity. Nice work.

  3. ‘Better to breathe …’ always

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