There it is, go back
That cool breath of wind through the smallest of cracks
With the faint scent of then
Surfacing bumps and beads on the backs of our arms
Tickling the tiniest fears on the napes of our necks
Listen, can you hear them yet
Beckoned by echoes, “We are in here, come find us.”
The shuffling of proto-feet through lost fossils
The sharp and flinty click of rocks on long forgotten walls
Have you noticed, how
Cool sparks flicker off wet trickles, dripping
Smooth deposits that shine from crystalized time
Grey outlines of ghosts begin dancing again
Animals once aflame, but for now plugged in
And those caved in walls finally reveal
We are one and the same
In the art, in the feel, of our dreams


Photo still from Chauvet Cave, Cave of Forgotten Dreams

~ by April on September 3, 2014.

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