The Game

It is time
To let my mind tumble
Like little labeled chips in a bingo game
It is the moment when I watch them spin
A jumble of numbered thoughts
Falling all over themselves, fighting
For the chance to be pulled from the lot
But not yet
The Game Master’s hand still grinds
Away, with a gleeful grin on his face
So I sit and stare and listen to the clicking
Anticipation will not help me now
Better just to wait and let the game go on
Knowing soon the wheel will stop
The lettered tiles will settle themselves
And all will go silent
A potential winning one will be in hand
Played with and fiddled between fingers
Spoken and spelled and placed face up
That is when I act and it will be
Either, a winner or a dud



The Bingo Losers by Jonathon Williams,

~ by April on September 5, 2014.

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