I will not apologize

For my sex
For my flesh
For the curves
Of my drive
Any more
Than I would
Be ashamed
Of my being alive

I will not be sorry

For my shy
For my discreet
For the tamed
Any more
Than I would
Be ashamed
Of my becoming me

I will not conceal

All my sparks
All my steel
The molten me
That flames revealed
Any more
Than I would
Be ashamed
Of learning how to feel

I will not feign forlorn

For the buds
For the thorns
For the changes
I have worn
Any more
Than I would
Feel ashamed
For my having been born

Not Anymore.


Painting: The Unashamed by Pamela Wilson

~ by April on October 7, 2014.

7 Responses to “Unashamed”

  1. Raises eyebrow.

  2. A powerful personal anthem and a really great read. Nicely done.

  3. there’s that last line again: throws the rest over a fulcrum into perspective

    • Yes, it is a constant struggle to be our own advocate. So many systems in our culture are designed to induce shame in order to keep us hooked. I no longer want to buy into it…whether it is retail or religion or any other system gasping for survival. Thank you.

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