A (new) Choice

Am the stray hair
Caught in my eyelash there
During silent sitting
Am the hot knot
Churning hungry in my gut
While I am sitting still
Am the bones
Inside my toes
Into the ground
When I chose not to move
Am the decision
I will have to make
When I get up
And go through my day
For now
Am willing
To be
The tug and sting in my eye
The rot and rumble in my gut
The gristly grating in my bones
The desire to choose in my chest
Will sit with



The Broken Column, Frida Kahlo

A reworking of a recent poem, because it made more sense this way…today.

~ by April on October 15, 2014.

6 Responses to “A (new) Choice”

  1. Wonderfully expressed

  2. all glory to the mundane self … only

    • Yes, and that’s all there is of us…mundane selves…and isn’t that wonderful. I wish more people could admit, accept, and honor that.

  3. Viscerally introspective acceptance. Brilliant work.

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