My daughter witnessed death today
Only a lowly squirrel
But, the thump, the crack, the randomness
Sent wild her little world

She screamed and sobbed and shook a bit
Tried an escape inside my arms
But there was no way around the thing
And so she cursed the driver long

She then imagined hover cars
Invention as a cure!
With tears still streaming down her face
She’d found a fix, yes, she was sure

But by evening she confessed to me
The scene was seared inside her brain
Nothing she tried could stop the death
From happening again

I have my own confession child
It’s not the kill that wrecks me so
But the playmate who had given chase
Now left alone beside the road


XIR184766Painting: Squirrels by Albrecht Dürer

~ by April on October 21, 2014.

One Response to “Wrecked”

  1. A wonderful poem, Amy. I very good meditation class, as well.

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