Fits and Starts (again)

I evolve in fits and starts
When shifting sand below my feet
Swallows me and spits me out
I grind the grit between my teeth

Annoyed and agitated yes
The stuff that sticks and stabs
Might be the harbinger of new
Movement that shoves me off my ass

Then sometimes I stay still and sit
Sink peaceful to the depths
I wallow blissed in dark a bit
‘Till all that’s left is barely breath

Yes, I evolve in fits and starts
My meditation too
I’m glad of it, play in the sand
Until this hourglass runs through


Hourglass Artwork: Hourglass by ForestFaerieQuean, on

Reposted because WordPress is being wonky this morning, or maybe I am, either way…here it is again, this time when and where I originally wanted it posted. I guess you can’t expect to post a poem about fits and starts without a few fits and starts.

~ by April on October 22, 2014.

4 Responses to “Fits and Starts (again)”

  1. Loved it. Excellent use of rhythm

  2. the last four lines really stand out to me as unique, as they oppose the first four lines but still carries out the fits and starts aspect of which you were speaking to a deeper understanding I guess you could say.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. Yes, I think they are in some opposition, but that is the nature of fits and starts right? Also, you could think of it as the beginning was before being squeezed through the hourglass, the end is after the journey through and perhaps at that point, playing in it…even with the sticks and stabs and grit…is the best option. 🙂 Just some ideas, I really appreciate the dialog. Thanks again.

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