This Ache

This ache
Here you are again
Nesting nerves under my skin
The obvious and throbbing thumb
The growling ghost inside my gut
The drawer left open yesterday
The toppled pile of disarray
The hungry tug away from tasks
The dream today that just distracts
The chair pulled out and left that way
The knick-knack put back out of place
The water boiling down to bare
The scent of scorching in the air
The forgotten feeling left ajar
The cold stuffs spoiling where they are
The dust shadow upon the shelf
The empty pang for something else
You reside inside this space
Here you are again
This ache


Painting: Rachael by Heather Bolinder

~ by April on October 25, 2014.

6 Responses to “This Ache”

  1. A good ache or a bad one? Or both?

  2. The style you use here is adventurously avant-garde and you’ve pulled it off really well. Ambitious work!

  3. at a glance the design on the illustration’s back looked like a kabbalah tree; but then I looked and saw ‘movement’ dispersing from the tree – so then I thought: is this ‘ache’ – the feeling-around-blindly until the next station is found; always wonderful in your gulp-honesty, April

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