Too Clever

I call this a human practice
But nearly regularly now
An animal prances in on paws
Stops big and strong until I notice
Pulls me with a deadwood stare
Just barely leaning towards out there
And nearly regularly now
I follow
We sit silent in the wild
And all manner of creatures
Arise, call, alight, and crawl
When I am steady long enough
They fold me into their fight
For survival
Share with me their pauses
Taking stock
So nearly regularly now
I am aware
That I am simply one of them
And this stillness, this struggle
Is not specially reserved
Is made too clever in our head
This instinct has been born and bred
And nearly regularly now
We have


Painting: Ambalance by Rico Blanco

~ by April on October 28, 2014.

2 Responses to “Too Clever”

  1. You know I love it!!!

    sent from my OnePlus One

    • I try not to assume, but I am glad you like it. I consider that an official endorsement from the “meditation for self-loathers” club. 🙂

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