One Mistress

Last night
My lover made a claim, wanting 100% of me
Of loyalty and of belief, I will not let this be
I reject this, my body cannot digest this
100% of anything is a lie, unless we speak of when you die
All of me is not up for grabs, not even on the table
I alone will save this painted face if I am able
There is at least one card you cannot see
So close that I have sewn it directly into me
Mine, this fleshy vest, you may have the rest
But this Dame, she’s mine to play, one day
I will reach, with my own hand, into my beating heart
I will rip these seams apart, and I will throw her down
This Queen, and claim her crown
She and I alone decide how much of me
To hold, to play, to bluff, discard, or hide
Or perhaps if you are lucky
To let it ride


Queen Judith Painting: Judith II The Queen of Hearts by Karen M.

~ by April on October 30, 2014.

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