Life Noir

I am not a pretty penny
I am the train that runs it flat
I am not a purchased plaything
I am the bored and brutal cat
I am not a novel notch
I am the knife that nicks the post
I am not waiting to be asked
I am the uninviting host
I am not a bawdy bauble
I am the key that locks the case
I am not a pleasant picture
I am the scar that mars the face
I am not “just an” anything
I am as complex as I choose
I am not the flash and sparkle
I am the lit and hissing fuse



Posted because someone I trust told me this was one of their favorite drafts that I had waiting in the wings.

~ by April on November 4, 2014.

4 Responses to “Life Noir”

  1. You are certainly not just anything
    But you are more than pretty.

  2. as a very young boy I put a penny on the train track then I got scared I was going to derail the train

    • That is sweet, that you cared so much and were so thoughtful. But then, your poetry reveals that as well. Thank you for reading.

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