Death of Venus

I am invaded by change
Old seams are too tight
Once humming zippers
Busting teeth giving fight

I am finding it harder
To squish all of me in
Parts that used to be shameful
Scratching free from within

The one that’s emerging
Craves braver blood than I
So I will let her gorge
Well beyond satisfied

I am finding her vicious
But I’m loving her skin
Hypnotized by her voice
Scars and weapons from him

This year I give birth
Full exposure allowed
I am unleashing my middle
A messy life begins now



Statue: Death of Venus by Roger Reutimann

A reworking of a fluffier poem from a year ago, perhaps it is the time of year, the time of my life, or simply the push and pull that inevitably happens. That poem was authentic then, this poem is authentic now. Who knows what will be authentic in a year from now.

~ by April on November 6, 2014.

4 Responses to “Death of Venus”

  1. I found it sexy. But that is just me
    Wonderfully written

  2. Never have I heard maternal anticipation so uniquely expressed. Well done. Oh, and congratulations if non-fiction 😀

    • That is interesting it that you found it maternal. I guess it could be….but…no expectations, baby or otherwise. 😉 This one simply about birthing an authentic self, one that the outside world may see as messy…but that I find completely, viciously, satisfying.

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