Season’s Greetings

Much too fast or way too slow
The felt sense of these days I know
Family time and travel soon
My skull and skin with shrinking room
Outcomes drift up in the air
My stuff piles here as thoughts fly there
I’m good to go or not enough
This season’s self-talk-shit gets rough
Wrapping and unwrapping fears
Shared spaces whisper in the year
Resolute, I’ll make the effort
My messy self kept in the present
What I want and what I need
The gift is that it’s up to me


Painting: Girl in a Copper Dress 3 by Steve Henderson

~ by April on December 15, 2014.

2 Responses to “Season’s Greetings”

  1. somehow reminds me of something that Jesse Jackson once said about (paraphrase) … your children need your presence more than your presents;

    I also really like that painting, the way the girl’s feet stand softly into the floor, especially with that naturally-odd pose

    • Thank you. Yes, I liked the juxtaposition in the painting too. It kind of mirrors the holidays for me. At moments soft and easy to sink to, at other moments odd and uncomfortable. 😉

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