False Hope

I will wrest my hope
from other people’s hands and
feel free once again.


dragon hand

Hand Art by Guido Daniele

~ by April on January 17, 2015.

11 Responses to “False Hope”

  1. Ah, I felt you let go

    • Did you? It is a tempting and freeing feeling to not let my hope rest in any other person’s, or system’s, hands. We all too often wait for some person, or system, or religion, or object, etc…to save us. It seems a losing battle to let someone, or something, else carry my hope for me. Perhaps only when I can truly not care what others think of me, reflect back to me, perhaps then there is some freedom. Heavy again, I know, but it seems like something is brewing…

  2. Positive step to liberty. Nice.

    • Yes, it seems a concrete way to look at “nibbana” or enlightenment. If Schopenhauer says most of our suffering is because of others, and that man is truly free when in solitude, perhaps not hanging hope on anyone outside of myself is a doable step in that direction. It seems like it might be. Thanks for reading, as always.

      • Thanks for that expansion April. Some years ago I made a conscious decision to reduce my expectations of others. Doing so has relieved me of much upset and stress.

        • Yes, that has been my experience as well…when I am able to expect little from others. If I am not careful, those tricky stealth expectations creep back in. Thanks for chatting.

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