Springtime Marketing

This morning the birds are mocking me
I cannot abide their bright, their bustle
For today it only serves to hustle
To trick me into giving up my well-earned
Pocketful of crusty coins, my minted discontent
Their incessant chattering and attempts to sell me
Hope, of sun and spring and teamwork, nope
I am not interested in giving up my grief just yet
I will shutter them out and sit for a minute, still
In what remains of the dark and dust of winter
And tender all my leftover change to only this
Until I am completely spent
Perhaps then I can let their springtime jingles in
Let them tempt me with their happy little wares
I could be content knowing I have nothing left to spend
Entertained, yes, and unable to buy anything


blue bird in a suitImage found here: http://terrie-johnson.tumblr.com/post/31139046554

~ by April on March 23, 2015.

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