Nothing Me

To be boiled down to basic me
Concentrated simply caustic me
To be heated up to molten me
Melting releasing noxious me
To be reduced to just mercuric me
Carcinogenic heavy metal me
To be smashed and split and spilling me
Spewing radiating nano me
To be absorbed and be invasive me
Mutating and decaying me
To be incinerated ash of me
Tossed and drifting elemental me
To be lost in air and earth and sea
Becoming nothing left of me



Statue: part of the ash Buddha installation by Zhang Huan

~ by April on April 10, 2015.

2 Responses to “Nothing Me”

  1. this is superb, April; and it has absolutely nothing to do with you

    • Thank you. I actually really enjoyed working with this one. I think I loved the idea of the process of becoming nothing. Thanks again.

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