Life In Memoriam

I let him in
Because she lead the way
Bringing him as close to me as I could bear
A corner stare

He does not dance
But waits, as if we both have time
To afford me this with her while I am able
A minuet of heat too soon unstable

His chill will have its way
One day, his steady slow approach is set
For now she keeps me moving, feigning immortality
As if his ghastly grasp is not already hovering

You see
I had to let him in
To watch, so at the end I could say
I also let her have her way


imageReposted for a Twitter friend, who dances with life while death hovers closely…keep dancing with her my friend…he will approach soon enough.

~ by April on June 7, 2015.

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  1. a blackcurrent pond at night

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