This crimson tell
I know too well
Crawls quick
Across my chest
It always starts
With a skipping heart
Stripping secrets from meat
Just to surface my flesh
Too powdery a word
For this all too human
Trait disturbed
Sanguine anxieties
Splattered and splayed
On my neck and face
I cannot escape it
This chronic tell
I know so well
Will color me true
Until my grave



Artwork: Moonlit by Angela Kennedy,
Pennystamper on Etsy

~ by April on June 23, 2015.

3 Responses to “Tell”

  1. Delicious blush

    • Thank you. ☺️ I must admit that for a long time I found my chronic blushing quite annoying, but I am learning to just live with it…it keeps me honest. And I am hiding my true emotions less and less anyway, why not let my skin proudly display those emotions?

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