Love & Math

|A|ddiction ConstaNt
in th(e) foRmula of Us
Only (x) changEs



Photo: Professor Edward Frenkel in ‘Rites of Love and Math’

Check out the tags to find the (hidden) meaning and mathematical symbols in my haiku. Have fun…I sure did!

~ by April on June 26, 2015.

5 Responses to “Love & Math”

  1. Utterly lost

    • I’m sorry. This was me playing with mathematical theory and poetry. Strategically placing certain mathematical symbols as letters, adding a layer of meaning. It was mostly fun to research and put together. Probably lost on readers…but fun for me. I am a bit of a science and math geek. I may not believe in God, but science and math seem to be as close to any god I ever understood. Just a quirk of mine. Sorry it didn’t quite work…but that’s how it goes sometimes. On to the next one.

    • However, read as a straight haiku works as well. ☺️

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