Bare Bones (repost)

This morning the top of my skull popped off
I noticed it dangling askew
The hook on the left had unfastened itself
With the right hardly holding for two

I ran my hands over the misaligned seam
And the gaping space left by the split
The smooth and the cool and the emptiness
The prominences and the pits

With great care I began placing pieces
And gently I reshaped the hooks
But the bare bones they brought me to beauty
This death cannot be overlooked


This is reposted for a family member who is gracefully wrestling with her own death.
I am so grateful to have had time to sit with her during this difficult time.
I love you Grandma.
I will also be reposting some of my spookier poems
in honor of my favorite holiday and for my favorite time of year.
Happy Haunting everyone!

~ by April on October 8, 2015.

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