What are you trying to sell me?
A grill, or a sofa, or drink
A red, white, and blue ideology
That ignores veterans’ lives on the brink

An article of faith wrapped in dogma
Tied with a star-spangled bow
A car on a lot, an appliance
To help us feel part of the show

I sit here conflicted as one who has served
And one who has questioned it all
We do not fit in to your nice little box
That on purpose is fashioned too small

Instead of a sale or a discount
Give us your service and time
Notice the ones that you’ve looked away from
We’ve been wounded, left waiting in line…



Photograph of Tomas Young, a veteran, taken by David Jay as part of his Unknown Soldier Project

~ by April on November 11, 2015.

2 Responses to “Service”

  1. April, I love this… Can I share it? I don’t see you on Facebook anymore? Hope you are well,


    • Joy, so glad to hear from you. You can absolutely share anything I write…you don’t even have to ask. I am not on FB at the moment, I “unfriended” the entire thing, closed my account. I found it too toxic for me. (I only have my meditation group account…but I only use it for that…no news feed or friends, etc…) In truth, I feel much better being off of it. I have more time and energy. If you want we can always chat by phone. I hope you are well.

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