Outside Chance

I find myself choosing
Between a tough fight
And a soft relinquishing

I have no fear of sweat and blood
Especially my own
I have blinked away the salt and sting before
I have tasted that sanguine tincture on my tongue
Just as I have gritted and grinned
Guffawed even at the shattering
Of my own sanity
While I shook it off
And got to the business
Of setting it back into place
With a quick jerk, and a wince

Harder still is this, stepping back
And letting his fist fly just beyond me
Leaving only that slight breeze
Which carries with it a faint scent of sweat
And deflated fury
Directing my swollen gaze downward
I let myself listen, for an instant

To shocked silence
A moment of pure possibility
While we wait
To see what move I choose next

Tonight I find myself


Photograph: Boxing-2, by Kalel Koven


A repost for a legend. RIP Muhammad Ali, “People look for miracles. People look for surprises of all kinds. Yet the greatest wonder, the greatest miracle, the greatest surprise, is to be found in one’s heart.” — my favorite quote from The Greatest.

~ by April on June 5, 2016.

4 Responses to “Outside Chance”

  1. Wonderful tribute

  2. superb

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