The Switch

I could peel back
These creaking floorboards
With my cracked bare hands
Splinters splitting finger tips
Wrecked flesh sliced and spilling cells
Of dying skin and sediment
And blood too thick from sitting

I could tear down
This cracked foundation
With only teeth for demo-tools
Old stone etching enamel
Tender dentin loosing resin
Amalgam dust and timely testing
Of this forlorn form for decimation

I could stay, create and stitch
A frame rebuilt from rot
With fractured hands and crumbled teeth
Reclaim this lot for something new
A Frankenstein of skin and stone
Of chomp and saw dust, jaw askew
With steel for flesh and brick for bone



Artwork: The Bride of Frankenstein by Bunny Bennet on


~ by April on October 27, 2016.

7 Responses to “The Switch”

  1. superb … or you could watch it all, like a late night horror show, curled up on the settee … until the gong goes, and it’s time to stand up with no legs

    • Thank you …sorry it took so ling to respond…I was stuck on the slab for a bit but have managed to pull myself up and to my blog. šŸ™‚

      • is that ‘slab’ you’ve been stuck on and the ‘Leave it’ you just posted … more literally related than I had read …?

        • I guess that depends on what you mean literally. Everything I write is taken from an authentic felt sense of something happening in my life. And yes, I am in crisis…but not a literal bullet.

  2. This is wonderful work

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