He prefers the sheets left all messy
Ellipses in his story
She liked
Her bed made
P e r i o d
One dot sometimes three
Full stop turns to free
An invitation to keep right on dreaming



Painting by Vladimir Kush

~ by April on February 10, 2017.

7 Responses to “Sheets”

  1. Fascinating girl

    • I’ve been experimenting with leaving the sheets a mess…not something I am used to. It has been a muse, and amusing.

      • Smiling. Interesting. It would be odd for me. I like my bed made. Unless there is still a lover in it – or tied to it – of course.

        • Ha, of course. Always that caveat. It is not “normal” for me to leave it a mess either. I typically make it very well, everyday. Leftover habit from my military training. However, leaving it a mess has been surprisingly playful and stresses me out way less than I thought it would. It appears inviting more than undone.

        • You must teach me. I have a sense of order (without military training) which verges on the obsessive. And you, are you left undone?

        • Well, I must admit that I too veer towards the orderly and am still learning the beauty of things left undone. Not sure I could teach it. And yes, undone lately…not in the best of ways…but hoping that will turn around. To be bound up properly, and undone by that, in a metaphorical sense of course. 😉

        • Obviously. Smiles.

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