The Show

What is it that keeps me pinned
While holding back the rain and wind
Ropes tethering my tent to earth
Pull straight this tugging tarpaulin

What is it that keeps me tame
Performing every show the same
Dressed and dazzling under lights
My wild then shoved back in its cage

What is it that keeps me trapped
My face made up, my body wrapped
Twisting tumbling towards the ground
Feigning faith that ropes don’t snap

What is it that keeps me on
Directing rings, attention drawn
Announcing all the names and games
But pulling stakes before the dawn

What is it that brings us back
And keeps us traveling down the tracks
From this tiny town to next
The world we build during our act


Painting: The Circus by George Seurat

A repost after seeing “The Greatest Showman,” and after the joy I felt while watching it.

~ by April on December 29, 2017.

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