Pressing Petition

Our Father
Must I crush my own skull
To mute the incessant hum
Of projected passing happy time
My palms fit perfect at each temple
They shall meet in silent prayer
I will be done
Hairline cracks like trespasses
Form fragile lurching lattice work
Fault lines grind and blur
My under-mush begins to move
Memories and petitions two
All seeing amoebic globes
Grow pseudo-feet from gelatin
They shift their shape and flee
From hallowed sockets
Caves and kingdoms closing in
Popping out they burst free
Onto the safe and stable shoreline
Of my dislocated gaping lower jaw
All the stories seep from cracks
And forgiveness hangs askew
My smooth numb future finally splits
The daily dull of pleasant bread
Gives way to heavenly pain
Finally through the glorious ooze
My fingertips reach and find each other
I am delivered
In this crackling moment of
Only now
Forever and ever


Artwork: Album cover, No Cross No Crown, by Corrosion of Conformity

~ by April on February 15, 2019.

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